Let’s Talk: Young Women & Non-Binary People’s Experience of Sex Education In Australia

8 November 2023

    An image of the cover of the let's talk report ERA's Young Women's Advisory Group (YWAG) have released a report called Let's Talk! Young Women and Non-Binary People's Experiences of Sex Education in Australia. This ground-breaking report is based on YWAG's 2019 survey, which is the second iteration of a project first developed in 2015 by YWAG, to platform young women and non-binary peoples’ experiences of sex education in Australia. In 2015, YWAG surveyed over 1000 young women aged 16-21 nationally about their experiences of sexuality and relationships education at school and their knowledge of sexual health topics. This second survey also captured over 1, 000 responses, and the report provides a snap shot of the experiences of sex education and sexual activity online for young women and non-binary people in Australia. The survey and report aim to inform the development of effective policy that meets the needs of young people and to add the voices of young people to the body of literature concerned with sex education in Australian schools. You can download the report here:

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