Young Women’s Advisory Group (YWAG)

Members of YWAG

ERA's Young Women's Advisory Group (YWAG) is made up of ten young women (aged 30 and under) from across Australia, working together to bring young women's perspectives and views to ERA's advocacy and driving research and advocacy projects relevant to the lives of young women.

YWAG's current focus is on strengthening sex education in Australia through their project:  Let's Talk: Young Wom*n's Views on Sex Education.  Let's Talk captures and amplifies the voices and experiences of young women in relation to sex education in order to improve comprehensive sexuality and respectful relationships education in the national curriculum. You can find YWAG's reports from the 2015 survey here and here.

YWAG has regular input into ERA's advocacy and policy positions, participates in our policy work groups and develops papers for ERA's projects. YWAG is an excellent opportunity for young women to access training and experience in women's policy and advocacy.

YWAG's previous work includes the curation of the feminist blogging site Settle Petal and a campaign to promote positivity around body image for young women.

Looking for more information on Let's Talk 2019, or interested in getting involved with YWAG? Contact Romy Listo at

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