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Rental housing policy that addresses the needs of women 

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Upcoming: Equal Pay Day Events

27 August

Equal Pay Day will be held on the 5th of September this year. With the Gender Pay Gap at 18.2%, it takes the average woman in Australia 67 more days to earn what the average man in Australia earns in a year. 

economic Security for Women will be holding a  series of events around Equal Pay Day.

Monday 1st September The Know Your Value checklist will be formally launched.

Tuesday 2nd September A Family Friendly Workplaces video will be launched with a report back on last year's eS4W National Pay Equity Forum focus on SMEs. This will be an after work event in Melbourne, information and registration can be found here. 

Wednesday 3rd September eS4W's Executive Officer, Sally Jope, will be on on a panel at the National Financial Literacy Conference talking gender pay equity and the online career checklist for women as a teachable moment in financial literacy. 

ABS Gender Indicators

27 August 

The 7th issue of the ABS Gender Indicators has been released this week. Some features from the seventh issue include:

  • 'Latest highlights' pages which emphasise the most recently released data for each domain. 
  • The 'Living with a Disability' commentary has been updated with data from the Disability, Ageing and Carers, Australia: Summary of Findings, 2012.
  • Updated data for the economic security (including the latest workforce particpation rates), education, health, safety and justice and democracy, governance and citizenship domains (including new data on Judges, Magistrates and Order of Australia recpients). 

Updated data on democracy, governance and leadership from the ABS and WGEA will be available later this year. 

Know Your Value

26 August 

economic Security4Women has launched Know Your Value - a pay and contract negotiation checklist for women

The resource is designed for women and will link them to existing information in order to facilitate the negotiation of the best employment outcomes, contributing to long term economic wellbeing. 

"In some jobs there may little or no room to negotiate, however, women need to find out what is -and is not- negotiable and then work our which checklist items are relevant to the job being considered" said Ms Sandra Cook, Chairperson of economic Security4Women, a National Women's Alliance. 

The Power of Oldness

21 August 


A new video awareness camapign aimed at highlightingthe value of older workers was launched at the Australian Human Rights Commission in Sydney this week. 

2014 United Nations Association of Australia Media Awards

19 August

Call for Nominations

Picture of a blue peace dove next to text reading "United Nations Association of Australia Media Awards 2014" and the UNAA logo

Journalists and producers whose work addresses humanitarian and social justice issues are encouraged to nominate today. The work must have been published/broadcast in the Australian public media between 1 September 2013 and 1 September 2014. Nominations close 5pm Monday, 1 September. 

Reclaiming Feminism: Engendering Change

15 August

Reclaiming Feminism: Engendering Change

A Landmark National Summit for Educators and Policy Makers

Friday, October 3 2014- Saturday, October 4

at Mercy Place, Bardon, Brisbane

The Reclaiming Feminism: EnGendering Change conference "above all, promotes the role of feminist thought and practice in creating new visions for Australian education, dominated as it now is by a masculinised economic model of private interest and competition." (Professor Raewyn Connell, keynote speaker). 

B+20: Get Involved

14 August 

A Beijing+20 Review word cloud including the words: participate, caravans, Australia, Beijing, Policy, Platform, Action etc

JERA International is currently undertaking the Beijing +20 year review. You can read more about this process here. You can get involved in this the review by:

  • running a caravan (or conversation group). This can be with 3 people or 30 people! You can find the toolkit for running caravans here. We will be posting caravan events on the events page here
  • doing the survey here
  • and by spreading the word and sharing this information with your networks. 

The Couch Project - ACT

13 August 

The Couch Project is a month-long fundraising campaign that invites supporters to sleep on a couch for the night, to raise awareness that couch surfing is often a hidden form of homelessness with young people, as well as to raise much needed funds for youth homelessness services in the ACT.

Supporting Working Parents: Pregnancy and Return to Work National Review Report

12 August

The Australian Human Rights Commission has released the Supporting Working Parents: Pregnancy and Return to Work National Review Report. The findings demonstrate that discrimination towards  pregnant employees and working parents remains a widespread and systemic issue which inhibits the full and equal participation of working parents, and in particular, women, in the labour force. You can read all about the findings and recommendations in the report here. 

Progress of the World's Women

7 August

"(This report) shows that where laws and justice systems work well, they can provide an essential mechanism for women to realize their human rights. However, it also underscores the fact that, despite widespread guarantees of equality, the reality for many millions of women is that justice remains out of reach." 

Michelle Bachelet , Executive Director UN Women 

Progress of the World's Women - In Pursuit of Justice, the biennial flagship report of UN Women, has just been released. This issue, In Pursuit of Justice, examines the legal barriers and inequities too many women experience, as well as the progress  made in access to justice for women.

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