It’s About Time – Time-Use Survey Returns to Make Unpaid Work Visible

12 November 2018
ERA's article on the reinstatement of the time-use survey was published in Broad Agenda and Power to Persuade. "The survey makes unpaid work visible. If we are to value and redistribute unpaid work, identifying and recording that work is the crucial first step. This is part of a broader social and cultural project of change to reshape thinking about our rigid gender roles, which among many other things have implications for women’s safety and men’s mental health. Narrowly defined, the survey offers an important evidence base to understand the barriers to increasing women’s participation in the paid workforce. Applied more broadly, the data can help us better understand the barriers to enabling men to take on a fairer share of unpaid work and changing how we value and respect women and ‘women’s work’. For an excellent example of this, take a look at Germany’s Gender Equality Report (released every Parliamentary term), which reports on the country’s Gender Care Gap as a means of addressing the gender wage gap."