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Equality Rights Alliance is Australia’s largest network advocating for women’s equality, women’s leadership and recognition of women’s diversity. We bring together more than 65 organisations with an interest in advancing women’s equality. We are one of the six National Women’s Alliances funded by the Commonwealth Office for Women. Our job is to:

  • reach out and listen to women across Australia,
  • work with our members to build a collective voice and encourage peer development and information sharing,
  • advocate to the federal government on the issues which matter to women and
  • raise awareness about gender equality within government and in public
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ERA is a feminist organisation which views gender equality as a matter of fundamental human rights. We bring the voices of women, girls and people of marginalised genders from diverse life situations to policy makers in Australia. Our areas of focus are women’s economic security, women’s leadership, and engagement with international human rights processes.

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Read about the latest developments in gender equality and women’s human rights in Australia and overseas.

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