YWAG is recruiting new members! Applications are open!


The Young Women’s Advisory Group (YWAG) to Equality Rights Alliance is recruiting for new members!

YWAG is a voluntary group of up to ten young women aged 16-30 from across Australia. YWAG values and amplifies young women’s voices, experiences, and expertise; we aim to bring those voices to the national policy space. We strive for a society in which all people have a voice into the decisions which affect them, regardless of their gender, sexuality, indigeneity, ability, or cultural or socioeconomic background. YWAG’s vision is that:

  • Young women’s voices, agency and expertise are recognised by decision makers, researchers and the public;
  • Young women lead, and are supported to work alongside others in providing solutions to issues which affect them.

YWAG’s values include

  • Feminist
  • Collective and collaborative
  • Diversity: acknowledging, valuing, learning from and working with young people with different perspectives, lived experience and knowledge
  • Solidarity
  • Self-care, sustainability, and support
  • Passionate
  • Energising and fun
  • Excellence, quality, and evidence-based
  • Agency
  • Intergenerational: Working with, learning from, and sharing knowledge with older women

If these sound like things you care about, and you’re aged under 30 years, we’d love to hear from you!


You can download an information pack to submit an expression of interest here: Word or here: PDF

You can find out more about YWAG’s work here.

Apply by 13 November 2019.

For any questions or for more information, please contact ERA’s Project Coordinator Romy Listo at era.projects@ywca.org.au

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