ERA 2019-20 Pre-Bugdet Submission

8 February 2019

ERA has made our Pre-Budget submission for 2019-20. The submission is informed by our member-driven Expert Working Groups and covers a range of policy areas.

“We have outlined 40 recommendations to advance gender equality across a number of areas covering gender aware policies and processes, housing affordability, income support and economic security, education, health, feminist foreign policy and women, peace and security.

A gendered analysis of the Budget is required to implement the Government’s gender equality commitments of increasing women’s safety, strengthening women’s economic security and supporting more women into leadership. Gender budgeting should “eradicate gender asymmetry in budgets” by covering expenditure and revenue measures. This process should include analysis of the investment required to achieve gender equality in Australia in order to translate gender equality goals into budgetary commitments. It is critical gender analysis is incorporated into tax and transfer measures to identify and address differential impacts across genders and remove tax settings that exacerbate gender inequality.”


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