Employment White Paper – ERA submission

Publish Date
30 November 2022

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Building on our work at the Jobs and Skills Summit, ERA has made a submission to Treasury on the Employment White Paper. In it, we argue that women are being described as ‘under-utilised’, or an ‘untapped resource’ in the context of paid work, despite the fact that most women are already working full-time, even more than full-time. We’re just not being paid for it. Care is a form of work. Recognising and valuing the care work done by women is a necessary shift in thinking if we are to effectively address both women’s workforce participation and the problematic gender norms which sit beneath our understanding of care and ‘women’s work’. We also cover the role of the welfare system in women’s employment, particularly parenting payment, the effects of intersectional discrimination, ECEC, education and training and steps the Federal Government could take to improve its role as a leading employer of women.

Check out the submission here.

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