Mind the GAPP (Gender Aware Policies & Processes)

Mind the GAPP (Gender Aware Policies and Procedures) is ERA’s project to advocate for improved gender machinery at a Federal Government level.

Current government policy development processes and systems do not adequately account for gender and women’s experiences. In the past we have had stronger gender analysis in Government. Over recent decades, these practices have diminished.

To achieve gender aware, responsive and transformative processes and systems within government, we do not have to start from scratch. By resurrecting gender aware policies and processes and investing in gender-responsive systems within government, we can improve policy outcomes so that they benefit all women in their diversity.

Government can take the following steps to better integrate gender considerations:

  • The Sustainable Development Goals must be implemented and monitored in a gender-responsive way through a central agency across Government.
  • Data must be gender disaggregated and responsive.
  • Budgets must be gender responsive.
  • Leadership and decision-making positions must be shared equally.

Gender responsive budgeting (GRB) and gendered policy development are achievable in Australia. ERA has been working with members, academics, former public servants and other advocacy organisations to identify what best practice GRB would look like in Australia. Our findings are summarised here. We also produced a report on GRB models in other countries called Analysing the GAPP, which provides a range of GRB options for Australia to adapt.

The National Foundation for Australian Women annually analyses the gender impacts of the federal budget across a number of policy areas, including tax reforms. You can read more in their 2020/21 Budget Gender Lens.

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