Steering Group Election 2020

Nominations for the ERA steering Group are now open!

All member organisations are eligible to nominate one candidate. We strongly urge organisations to make a nomination and consider whether they can offer a nominee located outside Sydney and Melbourne, particularly candidates outside metropolitan areas; young women; Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander women; women from culturally or linguistically diverse backgrounds; or women with disability.

Broadly speaking, the Steering Group assists ERA staff and members to develop the draft ERA work plan; oversees implementation of ERA projects from the Annual Activity Work Plan (primarily through receiving reports from ERA staff); and has input into ERA’s policy development and policy positions.

The Steering Group consists of YWCA Australia as a standing member, and six members elected from the ERA membership. Members are elected for two-year terms and serve staggered terms. Each year, three member positions are up for election.

We aim to have young women making up 30% of the steering group and we strive to get a group which represents the geographic and personal diversity of women.

How It Works

Each ERA member organisation is invited to nominate one person from their organisation as a candidate for the ERA Steering Group. To avoid confusion, we ask that nominations are sent to ERA by the designated voting representative of a member organisation only.

The nomination is public (not anonymous) and the candidate must consent to being nominated.

Nominees will be required to complete a short nomination form and provide a photo for the ERA website.

Nominations close Tuesday 16 June 2020.

There will be a period for member questions to be submitted to candidates between Wednesday 17 June 2020 and Tuesday 23 June 2020. Answers to questions will be posted here by Thursday 25 June 2020.

Online voting will take place via survey monkey between Monday 29 June 2020 and Sunday 12 July 2020.­

An email will be sent to the designated voting representative for each organisation, with a link to the survey monkey vote. If you are unsure who your organisation’s voting rep is, please contact us as soon as possible. Only designated voting representatives may vote, unless we are notified that you have given a proxy to someone within your organisation. If you want a proxy to cast your organisation’s vote, you will need to let us know by 5.00pm Friday 26 June 2020.

We will notify all nominees of the result by Wednesday 15 July 2020, and announce the new group to members on Friday 17 July 2020.


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