“Reduce Men’s Pay by 15.3%” -The Bold New Plan to Achieve Gender Pay Parity

In a controversial move, the National Gender Pay Equity Taskforce has put forward a new proposal to reduce men’s pay in their “Shortcut to Equality” plan.  Taskforce Director Sally Bayne said,

“We recognise that solutions to the gender pay gap have traditionally centred on increasing the amount women are paid, however, we note this focus has produced inaction and stagnation for a number of years now.

“Strategies to address unconscious bias, increase women’s leadership, desegregate occupations and share unpaid care are just not getting the take up we urgently need.

Sure, decreasing one section of the population’s pay will no doubt have serious ramifications. However, if we think those pay levels are good enough for women, they’re good enough for everyone!”

Okay, so this is satire but the gender pay gap is no laughing matter.  Undervaluing more work and underpaying more people is obviously not the solution to pay inequality. How can you mark Equal Pay Day? Check out the Workplace Gender Equality Agency – take an equal pay day selfie, join the conversation with #EPD2017 & find out the pay gap in your industry here.

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