Submission – National Housing and Homelessness Plan 2023

10 November 2023

ERA has made a submission to the Department of Social Services in response to their National Housing and Homelessness Plan Issues Paper. We've identified 10 principles which must underpin the Plan:

  1. Housing should be seen as a human right.
  2. Intersectionality: must use an intersectional gender impact assessment.
  3. Social justice: must ambitiously connects to all areas of government policy which seeks to reduce poverty, inequality and social isolation, including tax reform.
  4. Cooperation: Housing as a responsibility of every jurisdiction and cross-sector players.
  5. Evidence-based: Housing policy with clear definitions, based on robust data, and evidence of what works.
  6. Accountability: A plan with clear and transparent goals and targets and regular reporting.
  7. Innovation: A NHHP that anticipates and creatively adapts to climate change.
  8. Care: Homelessness services and housing that sees housing, shelter and services related to it as part of an ‘infrastructure of care’ that aims to empower people
You can find our full submission here:

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