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Erin Gillen

Originally from the NSW South Coast, Erin now lives in Melbourne where she works in a policy role on the prevention of violence against women with a particular focus on the role of young people. She has experience in a range of policy areas including social and multicultural policy. Erin graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the Australian National University. During her time at university she was a member of the women’s department and the 2014 ANU Women’s Officer. In her spare time, Erin enjoys reading historical fiction, patting stranger's dogs and going out for brunch.

Stephanie Zwi

Steph was born in London and grew up in Sydney's leafy north shore. After completing a degree in Advanced Science at UNSW, she now works as a Research Assistant in the School of Public Health at the University of Sydney. She is passionate about reducing health inequities and believes strongly in education as a tool for empowerment. Steph is excited about efforts to reform sexual and mental health education in Australian schools and universities, and to amplify the voices of young women in these spaces. She is an active member of the Sydney Jewish Community and has extensive experience in community youth work and informal education. She loves music, animals, cycling, traveling and being in nature as much as humanly possible.

Karess Dias

Karess was born and raised in the dry 40-degree heat of Paraburdoo, Western Australia. She attended high school as a boarder in Perth and went on to complete a double degree in Law and Behavioural Science. She is currently employed as a law graduate at the State Solicitor’s Office in Western Australia. Karess is passionate about equality – in all its forms. She is a member of Soroptimist International, which is global organisation that works towards the empowerment and enablement of women. When she isn’t working, Karess may be found at her old-fashioned desk penning letters to friends, ballroom dancing or taking long walks to nowhere in particular.

Romy Listo

Romy is a born and bred Brisbane girl, where she is currently enrolled in a PhD at the University of Queensland researching the relationship between poverty, energy access and women's empowerment in South Africa. Romy has a background in international and community development studies, and has spent the last few years involved in a range of community projects and organisations both locally and overseas. In addition to her PhD, Romy works sexuality and relationships educator at True (formerly Family Planning Queensland), and is passionate about empowering young women to exercise control over their lives and their sexual and reproductive choices. Romy is a yoga-enthusiast and amateur artist, and is unashamed about her deep and ongoing coffee addiction

Jamila Fontana

Jamila is a communications professional in Tasmania. She has a Bachelor degree in International Relations and Sociology, with a focus on gender studies. She has been an advocate for sexual and reproductive health in Tasmania and is currently on the boards of Women's Health Tasmania and the Migrant Resource Centre (Southern Tasmania). Outside of these activities she is a keen writer on all things feminism, politics and media.

Tessa Black

Tessa Black is a 20 years old vegan who loves to travel. Tessa is currently completing an undergraduate in Political Science and Law, with a goal to complete the Juris Doctor for postgraduate study. She grew up in Darwin, in the Northern Territory, and in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, in a tiny town called Kununurra. Tessa left for boarding school in Perth, the city she now calls home. She was raised by a single mum, and her mum's sacrifice and dedication has been a huge source of inspiration for her. Tessa hopes to make her mum proud by representing women and advocating for minority groups in both her personal life as an activist and her professional life as a lawyer.

Chelsea Raymond

Chelsea lives in Sydney where she is currently finishing her Community Services Certificate III and is studying a Bachelor of Arts at UNSW. Her background is in youth work, peer education and community development. She is passionate about social justice, feminism and class issues. In her spare time she enjoys reading memoirs, baking, scrabble and attempting to play the ukulele. Chelsea has been a member of the YWAG since its beginning in 2011.

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