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An image of YWAG Member, Matilda Webb

Charlotte Dirou

Charlotte (she/they) is from Meanjin (Brisbane), and currently works as a Communications and Education Practitioner at Women’s Health and Equality Queensland. With a background in interactive and visual design, she is interested in the role that technology, design and social media can have in making social impact and creating healthy and safe communities for all.

In her current role, she works with community members to educate on and raise awareness of gender-based violence prevention and gender equality in Queensland, with a focus on youth programs. She is also a part of the yourtown Pride Youth Advisory Group, working with other young queer people nationally to undertake community projects and connections, and is the Secretariat for Ending Violence Against Women Queensland.

When they aren’t working, you can find Charlotte reading, exploring vegan restaurants, or hanging out with her two cats.

An image of YWAG Member, Steph Zwi

Brianna Delahunty

Bri (She/Her) is based on the lands of the Eora Nation (Sydney) and currently works as a Manager of Policy and Research at Chief Executive Women and has been a YWAG member since 2020. She has a Masters of International Law and is currently completing a Juris Doctor. She has a background in policy and research, with experience in Refugee and women’s rights advocacy. She has a strong focus on intersectional projects that focus on equity and social justice. When she’s not working, she is spending time with her cats, her friends and reading a good book

An image of YWAG Member, Jessie Tang

Jessie Tang

Jessie (she/her) is a recent graduate from a Bachelor of Global Studies at Monash University, where she specialised in Human Rights. Since graduating, she is now working at She’s A Crowd, a social enterprise that aims to address gender-based violence through crowdsourced data. Alongside her role, she also volunteers at Oaktree – working with their Cambodian NGO partner to support their programming. As she likes to keep busy (while working on taking care of herself!), she also has her toes dipped in a number of other projects. Jessie has always been passionate about creating social impact, particularly on the issue of racial equality and diversity – driven by her lived experience and passion, she is dedicated to bringing this to every space she finds herself in. When she’s taking a break from all of this, she enjoys the occasional Netflix binge or immersing herself in YouTube lifestyle vlogs. She also loves to put on a juicy podcast or her favourite music and cook a wholesome meal.

An image of YWAG Member, Linnea Burdon-Smith

Linnea Burdon-Smith

Linnea (she/her) has been a YWAG member since 2019. She is currently completing a Juris Doctor, working part-time as a Researcher with an Aboriginal Healing Service and volunteering with the ASRC Human Rights Law Program. She has previously worked for government oversight bodies, in the community legal centre sector and university sector. She enjoys working on projects that prevent and respond to individual and collective trauma. Linnea currently lives in Naarm, Melbourne, on the lands of the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation.

An image of YWAG Member, Alexandra Hatzivalsamis

Alexandra Hatzivalsamis

Alexandra (she/her) is a Darwin born, emerging leader dedicated to advancing the rights of women and non-binary people. Studying a double degree in Laws and Commerce, whilst working for the Northern Territory Public Sector, Alexandra has been with the YWAG since 2021. Having previously been a member of the YWCA Australia’s first Young Women’s Council, Alexandra gets her motivation from like minded individuals, listening to their lived experiences and stories, getting riled up by injustice and minor inconveniences. Alexandra thrives in stakeholder and community engagement and is passionate about capacity building initiatives for women and young people, especially those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Alexandra loves coffee and when she’s not trying to do it all (at once) and get “enough” sleep, she is looking for exciting new experiences and trying to keep her houseplants alive.

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