Federal Budget

Federal Budget Training Workshop in Adelaide

Participants at the Federal Budget training workshop in Adelaide

Equality Rights Alliance's Draft Work Plan for 2011-2012 includes a collaboration with other National Women's Alliances on the Federal Budget 2012. The focus this year is on skills development, to provide Government with strategic input on key issues affecting women for the Federal Budget 2012, and increase the skills of women's advocates to participate in Federal Budget processes 2013.

Training Workshops

Equality Rights Alliance are hosting training workshops in cities around Australia for women to develop skills in the Federal Budget submission process, and running public campaigns to support their submissions. Notes taken by attendees at the Sydney and Adelaide training workshops are available for download below. There are also speaking notes provided by Laura McLean and Eva Cox, guest speakers from our Sydney workshop. Workshops have been held in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney. The final workshop will be held in Alice Springs on Monday 23 July 2012.

Federal Budget 2012

Equality Rights Alliance led the writing of a collective 2012 Federal Budget submission from wormen's organisations, focusing on affordable housing, tax reform including superannuation and childcare, and violence against women.

The collective submission represents the views of:

  • Equality Rights Alliance
  • Australian Women Against Violence Alliance
  • Australian Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Alliance
  • Economic Security 4 Women
  • National Foundation for Australian Women
  • National Council of Women of Australia

It has been endorsed, in whole or in part, by 58 member organisations of Equality Rights Alliance (listed in the submission).

It has also been endorsed by the Australian Federation of Business and Professional Women, and the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Alliance.

A public awareness event at Parliament House raised awareness of the gender impact of the lack of affordable housing on 22 March 2012.

The project concluded with an event to promote gender analysis on Federal Budget night in Canberra.

Read some community sector responses, including ours, to the Federal Budget 2012.

Further Reading 
Resource icon
Preparing a Federal Pre-Budget Submission - 127KB PDF
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Adelaide Guest Speakers - Tammy Franks and Dr Catherine Earl - 14KB PDF
Resource icon
Sydney Guest Speaker - Alison Peters - 10KB PDF
Resource icon
Sydney Guest Speaker - Laura McLean - 59KB PDF
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Sydney Guest Speaker - Eva Cox - 14KB PDF
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Tips for Meeting with MPs - from Kevin Noakes at Warren Snowdon MP's office - 31KB PDF
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Collective Pre-Budget Submission led by ERA - 235KB PDF


Tips for Meeting with MPs

Kevin Noakes, a staffer from the office of Warren Snowdon MP, was a guest speaker at our Alice Springs training workshop. He provided very useful notes - Tips for Meeting with MPs. You can download his notes from the website - please share them with anyone in your organisation who meets with Parliamentarians.

Collective Pre-Budget Submission led by ERA sent to Treasury

ERA have sent off a collective Pre-Budget Submission to Treasury. The submission focuses on three issues:

  • Affordable housing, especially private rental;
  • Tax reform, superannuation, and child care benefit;
  • Violence against women.

The content was provided by member organisations and Alliances who have been working on these issues over the past few years. It is also in line with similar recommendations from organisations such as Australians for Affordable Housing, and the Australian Council of Social Services.

Got questions? Comments? Do tell here! Or call Emma on 02 6230 5152 or email era.projects@ywca.org.au

Need help with a Federal Budget submission?

Download training material from our Federal Budget workshops (above this comment)

There's a short guide to the Budget submission process written by Lisa Cantlon and Eva Cox. Highly recommended reading!

Plus notes from our fantastic guest speakers in Adelaide and Sydney: Alison Peters, Dr Catherine Earl, Tammy Franks.

And speaker's notes by Eva Cox and Laura McLean, guest speakers at our Sydney workshop.

More Federal Budget training workshops coming soon

Just a quick update to let you know we're planning to run a training workshop in Brisbane during February, in Canberra on Tuesday 28 February, and in Alice Springs in early March 2012.

The workshops will cover how to write a pre-Budget submission for the 2013 Federal Budget, what you need to do from May to November 2012 to make your 2013 submission as strong as possible, and running a public campaign to support your submission (whether it's a 2012 or a 2013 submission).

Hope to see you there, and be sure to follow the tag "Federal Budget" if you're registered on the website (look under My Account -> Subscription Tags).

Guide to writing pre-Budget submissions

Want to write a Federal Budget submission? Not sure how?

Download Preparing a Federal Pre-Budget Submission  and it will seem like a much more manageable task!

We're also planning training workshops in Brisbane, Canberra, and Alice Springs in January to March 2012. Stay tuned to our website to find out more.

Has your organisation made a Federal Budget submission?

Has your organisation ever made a Pre-Budget submission?

If so, I'd love to hear about it! I want to know what you asked for, what you learned from the process, whether other organisations endorsed your submission, and how it turned out in Budget.

Call Emma on 02 6230 5152 or email era.projects@ywca.org.au