Media Release: Let’s Talk 2019 – Young Wom*n’s Views on Sex Education

14 July 2019
banner-lets-talk Young people are leading a discussion on sex, sexuality and respectful relationships education in Australia with a national survey for young women and non-binary youth aged 16-21. The survey has been developed by the Equality Rights Alliance’s (ERA) Young Women’s Advisory Group (YWAG), a group of 6 women under the age of 30 from across Australia. Now on its second release, Let’s Talk: Young Wom*n’s Views on Sex Education will create a platform for young women, including those who identify as cis women, trans women, non-binary and trans-femme identifying young people, to have a voice  on this topic. Key findings from the launch of the survey in 2015 found that young people in Australia want more from respectful relationships and sex education, and they feel their education is outdated – topics covered are very limited and do not meet the needs of women and non-binary youth. The results of the survey will contribute to a growing evidence base, which will strengthen advocacy to improve sex, sexuality and respectful relationships education. “We know that education is an influential shaper of attitudes and behaviours, especially in relation to gender equality. We need to get a clearer picture of experiences of sexuality and respectful relationships education. We also want to encourage women and non-binary youth to speak out and lead in this area through participation in this survey. “Importantly, the survey will also tell us what women and non-binary youth want from sex education. Their voices are critical in the development of comprehensive and effective sexuality and respectful relationships education.”, outgoing-YWAG member, Sienna Aguilar said. The survey was launched online on the 15th of July 2019. Young women and non-binary young people and relevant organisations will also have the opportunity to host a focus group in their local community. More information is available on the YWAG Facebook page and the survey and focus group toolkit can be accessed from the ERA website. For media comment or speakers for interview, please contact Romy Listo, Equality Rights Alliance Project Coordinator – 0435 919 077 or