2019 Day of Delegations

Federal electorates
All around

Monday 28 October

All ERA member organisations are invited to take part in our annual Day of Delegations, where we meet with federal parliamentarians all around the country to talk about gender policy on their home turf – their own electorate office!

We train people from ERA member organisations, provide them with advocacy materials, and get them out to meet with their local MP in as many federal electorates across the country as possible. Last year we held meetings with almost thirty parliamentarians and we’re hoping that we can meet with even more this year!

This is a great chance for individual members of ERA member organisations to get involved with ERA’s work and to directly advocate on issues affecting women in their local area. As we have just had a federal election, now is also a fantastic time to meet with MPs who might be new to Parliament, to tell them about our priorities and to establish a relationship going forward.

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